If you learned to step into your power and follow YOUR truth, with ZERO fear of judgement...  

Who would you be and what could you finally create?



Chances are, you're not like most people.

You're sensitive. You're curious. You're creative. You're different than everyone else.

You've never felt like you "fit in".

Which is a problem because at the same time, you aren't quite confident standing out.
Side note: Was junior high as traumatizing for you as it was for me? 

And, if you've nodded your head up to this point...  
My guess is... you've likely been through some shit.
Difficult, heart-breaking, maybe even tormenting shit. 

But again, unlike most of society, you've been motivated to seek truth and empowerment beyond it. 

You've read the books. You've watched the inspiring videos. You've done the meditations, the journalling, the breathing exercises... 

And it's all helped... But there's still this missing piece.

So what is it? 

You know you're meant for more, but WHAT is it?! 
Where do you belong? What are you meant to be doing?


These questions, while exciting at times, also create chaos, confusion and even isolation. 

How do you stop feeling these feelings that keep messing with your flow? 

Here's how:
You, my friend, need guidance.


Without guidance, you're stuck.
You spend more time in your head than in action. 
You need someone who get's it. Who get's you. 

Someone who isn't going to try to force you into ANY boxes, frameworks or cookie cutter "how-to" systems.
You need someone who is actually going to guide you OUT of all of those things. 

Here's why:
What works for the general public does NOT work for people like you and I. 

You know what does though?
Tapping into YOUR awareness. Realizing that you already KNOW... And then taking measurable, authentic, inspired action. 

You just need guidance in:

  • TRUSTING you know. 

  • CLARITY on your knowing. 

  • ACTION toward your knowing. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to achieve your knowing.

    And, of course, someone who can strategize with you..

    While guiding you out of limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns, and into YOUR truth, your authenticity and your power.


If you resonate with my vibes, then book a FREE Strategy Session to see if I'm a fit as the guide for your adventure.

If not, that's cool too. Just please for the love of Mary - stop the distraction of buying all the books, watching all the videos and subscribing to all the opt-ins that keep affirming things you already know. 

And instead, find someone to GUIDE YOU out of the chaos and limitati
ons of your mind and into what's possible.

Please know: Due to the nature of this work and how closely I work with clients, I am fairly picky with who I accept. We simply will not know if it's a fit unless we have an honest conversation. 
I have a 100% NO pressure policy and absolutely will not pressure you into any sort of coaching package unless your heart is singing "YES!"