Are you struggling to attract
and maintain clients?

It's not your fault. Let's face it.
You were taught how to be a healer. You weren't taught, however, how to run a sustainable business.

And hey, I get it. "It's not about the money!"  

But you and I both know you didn't spend 4 years (or more) studying, just to stay broke and struggling either.  

Besides, if your income is suffering, that means so is your impact. And that's a problem.  



So here's my question: 

If you learned to step into your power as a healer and start treating your business like a REAL business….

  • Where new clients are consistently flowing into your practice...
    The RIGHT clients, though. The ones who adore you, respect your time, truly value your services and leave YOU feeling energized..


  • Where your sessions are elite, and you're known for it...
    No more second guessing or doubting your abilities. You're now providing transformational results that NO ONE else has been able to get your clients... You're known as an elite healer, and your business could sustain off referrals alone..


  • Where you're finally confident receiving money...
    That ugly feeling in your stomach while clients are paying?
     It's gone. You're not afraid of them judging you for charging too much. You're confident in who you are, what you provide, and people are HAPPY to pay you. 



If you could finally connect to THIS reality, who would you be and how would it change your life? 

Look, you're a healer. A change maker. You have a big purpose and the world needs you. 


It's time to stop playing small on the sidelines. 

Book a FREE strategy session with our team. 
On this call, we will get clear on 3 important things: 

1. What sets you apart from the crowd...
Think about this: In Canada, approximately 170 acupuncturists graduate every year. That doesn't include all the other practitioners out there.
If you don't have a solid strategy that sets you apart from the sea of healers to choose from... Why would people who need you, CHOOSE you?
This is a foundational key that not enough healers are considering. When you do, though, your business will skyrocket.

2. Crystal clear on the exact clients who LIGHT you up...
Another reason most healers are struggling is because they don't command what they desire, let alone ask for it. 
One of our main focuses at The Empowered Healers Academy is helping you get laser focus on who you really want to serve. 
When you do that, you'll get better results, build better relationships, and receive better referrals. Which leads us to...

3. Building an authentic game plan to attract those clients...
So you can hit your income goals in the next 12 months…
Whether that’s $40k or $100k+, it's just math. 

We are VERY focused on balancing the Yin and Yang in business. This is where the feminine (healing, yin) energy MUST BE BALANCED with the masculine (fire, yang) energy.
On this call we will dial in exactly what's required for you to start attracting your ideal clients ASAP so you can make more money and more impact.

Now, chances are, if you're like me... 
You're skeptical. 

"Nothing is really FREE... What's the catch?"

I get it, and I'm not offended. Because there IS a catch. Sort of...

Here's it is: 


  • We know that by the end of the call, there is a chance you may want us to guide you in implementing everything we talk about
    If that's the case, we can discuss our 8 week mentorship program.

  • We also know that even if you don't want help after the call, we've still had an opportunity to do what we love...
    Empowering Healers, like you, to GROW your business, confidence and income.

  • And lastly, (if I'm being completely honest) these calls help us get more clarity too!
    We learn how we can craft our content to help even more healers, just from these honest conversations.

    Request your Free Session below: Please include your name, skillset & what inspired you to request a session.

We look forward to chatting with you and helping your business skyrocket. 
Kelsey + Vanessa